Automatic Contact Angle MeterSmart Contact

The world first tablet type automatic contact angle meter.

Automatic Contact Angle Meter – Smart Contact –

With the world first tablet type contact angle meter the compact and lower-cost system compared with that of Window PC and FA camera has been made possible.

With the automatic system you are able to obtain the improved measurement environment at less cost. Performance variation may be unavoidably caused by individual operator with the conventional manual type contact angle measurement.

About the technical strength

One-touch measurement

Dynamic contact angle measurement through the tangent line method is completed bythe touch of measurement icon. Capable of time-variance change measurement of high-resolution 5M pixel 20fps.

Android tablet system, no PC is required

Smart-measurement by Android4.4Tablet The system configured on compact as well as low-cost design, enables wider usage environment including the site use due to battery drive.

Data sharing by the Wi-Fi function

Wifi function easily allows a data sharing in a remote laboratory and the overseas spot from the office.

Preservation of Excel/the image

Capable of storing CSV output of Excel, and storing Jeg file and bmp file of droplet image.

Capable of time change measurement

The consecutive still image preservation functions enable the automatic analysis of change measurement according to time.

Improvement of measurement variance

The automatic analysis function enables improved measurement by cancelling variance caused by manual operation by individuals

Features and functions

  • Static, dynamic contact angle measurement L+R, averages
  • Time change measurement, graph display
  • Contact angle, operation method proximity law (automatic mode), The θ/2 method (manual mode)
  • Data output and storage (bmp, jpeg, csv)
  • Work size: 100×100 mm
  • Slant method, Back and forth contact angle


  • Wettability evaluation
  • Hydrophilic evaluation
  • Cleanliness evaluation
  • Wettability evaluation

Request of calibration(Option)

  • ISO documents(Option)
    Calibration certificate, test certificate, traceability system diagram

Examples of applications

Advanced materials

Advanced materials

Evaluation of uniformity in the surface treatment is essential to the high-performance flexible film material



Cleanliness and quality evaluation of assembly contribute to the high adhesion and sealing and resistance required for the automobile components



By the improvement of biocompatibility, contribute to the function modification of implant surface

Basic specifications

Smart contact 100Smart contact custom
Measurement object maximum size100 mmcustom
The measurement range0<θ< 180
Angle resolution0.1 degrees
Contact angle operation methodThe tangent line method(Auto mode) , θ/2 method(Manual mode)
Stage size80 x 80 mmcustom
Camera5 megapixel camera
OSAndroid 4.4
Discharge of the liquid2.5-10μL micrometer head control, the Z-axis manual micro dispenser equipment
Outer dimensions1900 500 W x H x D330 mmcustom
AccessoriesUSB mini adapter AC100-240V50/60Hz0.25A backlight device
OptionsVarious adoption terminal | such as automatic dispenser, a lot of syringe needles, surface free energy analysis software, adsorption stage

Model of terminal:|Smart contact

  • OS : AndroidTM 4.4
  • Display : 7 type, LED backlight 1,920×1,200 dot (WUXGA)
  • CPU : Intel ®Atom™Z3560 quad core
  • Memory : 2GB
  • Storage function :eMMC: 16GB, ASUS Web Storage service: 5GB (eternal free copy)
  • Graphics function : PowerVR G6430
  • Radio function : IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth V4.0
  • Camera : 5million pixels Web camera (back)
  • Interface : microUSB x 1, microSIM slot x 1, microSDXC memory card, microSDHC memory card, microSD memory card, microphone / headphones combo Jack x 1
  • Battery : battery run time: approx. 11 hours, battery charge time: approx. 4 hours
  • AC Power : 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.25A

手動接触角計 SImage シリーズ

手動接触角計 SImage シリーズ
  • SImage 入門機 Entry シリーズ
  • SImage 標準機 Standard シリーズ
手動接触角計 SImage シリーズはこちらから

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