• Made in Japan. Excimer surface modification system and contact angle measurement.
    Aiming at being able to contribute for
    the innovation of the customers in a light
    processing technology

Excimer Inc. will continuously strive to become a reliable partner for the customers in the fields of industrial equipments and measuring instruments,by eco-friendly technologies for surface reforming, cleaning and sterilization.

Medical and health care related products are also important in our continued efforts adapting those technologies

Automatic Contact Angle Meter|Smart contact

With the world first tablet type contact angle meter the compact and lower-cost system compared with that of Window PC and FA camera has been made possible.

With the automatic system you are able to obtain the improved measurement environment at less cost. Performance variation may be unavoidably caused by individual operator with the conventional manual type contact angle measurement.

Automatic Contact Angle Meter|Smart contact

As a company, specialized in the UV light processing technology

we aim at contributing to the society through the measuring technology and medical field with our advanced product based on the photochemical reaction

An excellent product package of simplified design

We adopt a product concept of narrowing down necessary product functions based on a principle principle in all products to balance intuitive operability with a compact design

Product made in Japan known for its reliability and achievement

We adopt an advanced technology of Japan approved in the world. High performance, high quality, the product of high reliability are proof of trust and the achievements.


  Examples of applications

Bond ability


Adhesion preprocessing

Wet characteristics improve by an adhesion side being washed, and coherence strength is improved and raise the reliability of the product.


Bonding preprocessing

Precise processing is enabled without giving a product damage by the chemical reaction of the molecular level by short wavelength UV less than 200nm by this preprocessing.



Pre-coating processing

Improve uniformity at low temperature in-line processing


Preprocessing before painting

By the preprocessing during the coating process, irregularities such as "hydrophobe”, "ununiformity " and "Pinhole” are prevented ,at the same time shortening of the painting time and reduction of the paint consumption are made possible.

UV Cleaning


Semiconductor cleaning

Improve the cleaning effect by enhanced wettability, reduction of darining time and removal of residual organic material during wet cleaning.


LCD Cleaning

Improve the cleaning effect by enhanced wettability, reduction of darining time and removal of residual organic material during wet cleaning.

Photo function


Improvement of Biocompatibility dental implant

Enhanced osseo integration is made possible by the improved success rate and stability of biocompatibility during implant treatment due to Excimer UV technology of the Super UV-OSSEO Excimer system.

Contact angle meter

Automatic contact angle meter

Healthcare By the improvement of biocompatibility, contribute to the function modification of implant surface

Automobile Cleanliness and quality evaluation of assembly contribute to the high adhesion and sealing and resistance required for the automobile components

Are recommending the most suitable model fitting your use and environment through our long, abundant experience
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